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DDS Low Pressure Foam Cannon Kit

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The garden hose foam gun makes washing fast, easy, safe and virtually hands-free! The garden hose foam gun connects to a garden hose to produce a thick layer of soapy foam over the vehicle. The soapy foam loosens dirt to minimize scrubbing while hand washing.

WHITEOUT is a concentrated, pH balanced soap designed specifically for making exceptional levels of foam through a foam cannon for the ultimate touchless wash. The thick, rich lather allows the foam to cling to the vehicle in order to quickly and gently wash away dirt, grime and road film. Built-in water softening and sheeting agents help eliminate water spots and hard water deposits. Its pH balanced formula will not remove previously applied wax, sealant or degrade ceramic coating. Use on autos, boats, trucks, RV’s, buses and more. Fruit fragrance. Available in pint and gallon sizes. NPE-FREE. PHOSPHATE-FREE. VOC COMPLIANT.


Car Washing Pad included

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